Things I am going to miss about Costa Rica:

  • seeing the mountains every day
  • the warm weather
  • the parrot
  • the dog
  • my ISA friends
  • my ISA coordinators/leaders
  • the ocean
  • the rainforest
  • monkeys & sloths
  • the wonderful food
  • Spanish television
  • hanging out with Becca after dinner
  • soccer games with random people
  • smoothies all the time
  • fresh fruit juice
  • city life
  • public transportation
  • walking everywhere
  • an outdoor public lap pool
  • not having a cell phone – I’ve quite enjoyed the lack of it
  • insane amounts of free time 532557_479659142072295_1464359237_n

Oh yeah, and *someone* will be happy to see this photo..  DSC03932Good-bye converse that have traveled the world with me. 😦