DSC03687On Sunday, Becca and I got to go to the baby shower of our host sister. :] It was the fanciest baby shower I have ever been to, that’s for sure! It was catered, and first we were served water, then this really amazing-tasting coca-cola, then coffee + pastries, and last of all, a plate with rice, chicken, and vegetables. Ay!


That all took place over the course of about three hours, during which there was a host who took care of the party games. Yes, a host with a microphone, and a DJ who played music. Let’s not forget to mention the disco balls and lights! It was really quite crazy. Also, there were a few guys there, including the father-to-be, and really the entire thing reminded Becca and I more of a wedding reception than a baby shower..

DSC03708Mi familia tica! :]