This past week has been really quite busy overall. I have spent several hours every day studying for final exams, and today I have spent several hours doing research for my final presentation in Advanced Spanish on Tuesday. My final exams were así-así (so-so), but I’m just glad they are over with. What I really want to do well on is this presentation, which is comparing education here in Costa Rica versus education in the U.S.

For my last weekend here in Costa Rica, I’m not doing much. I haven’t got any plans to go to a beach or find a waterfall; rather, I have plans to sit and work on this project for the majority of my weekend, which is crazy exciting, I know. I went outside today to workout, and right now I am sitting at the coffee shop on campus, which is outside.. so at least I am not sitting inside all day or anything. It’s possible I’ll meet up with some friends tomorrow, maybe hit up the pool or something equally as relaxing. On Sunday is the baby shower of my host sister, so that day is going to be really pretty hectic. At least that should make for a good blog update.

It’s strange to think that I have only one week left here. It doesn’t feel quite real, and I am a bit anxious to return to the states. What kind of culture shock am I going to experience? A lot? A little? Will I be as dedicated to keeping up with my Spanish as I intend to be? Will I feel really out of place for a while, or will I fall right back into old routines?

Sometimes I just get tired of thinking about it, so I pretend that I’m not leaving here and I go on as if this every day life I have here is going to continue: listening to the dogs bark like mad at 6:30 every morning, hearing the parrot serenade us every time it rains, hearing the cleaning lady whistle every morning to be let into the house, walking past the park and the car wash on the way to class, hearing “Chicas chicaaaas!” every time breakfast or dinner is ready..

I could ramble on and on, about this or that. My thoughts are running together, jumbled up, and not very easy to decipher. Leaving here is very bittersweet.. I guess I’ll leave it at that, for now.