DSC03458This past Friday I went with three friends to the famous Monteverde. The sites on the drive there were absolutely breathtaking, but the photos I took through the bus window did not do it any justice. :/

Once we got there, Chelsea and I were picked up within the hour to go zip lining through the Cloud Forest! The weather couldn’t have been better. There wasn’t any sun, but there wasn’t any rain and it wasn’t that cold, either. ¡Que perfecto! I was extremely nervous at first. We got all geared up and walked to the first platform. They showed us how to hold the ropes and how to break, and then we were off! DSC02720

The first line wasn’t very long, but when you got to the next platform, the guide unhooked you from the first line, hooked you to the second line, and sent you off! It was pretty intense for my first time, but I got the hang of it after that. We never did more than two lines straight in a row without a bit of a break.

DSC02737(That is me!)

Some of the lines were really quite long (over 1,000 feet), while others were quite short (300 feet). There was this old lady in our group and she was so funny! Her husband brought her there but refused to actually go on the zip lines himself. She oftentimes had to go with one of the guides because she was afraid to do the long ones by herself. There was also a German couple on the tour that I tried speaking with, but my German skills are so poor at the moment, and their English wasn’t that great, so our communication was quite limited. But hey, I tried.

We thought there were only 15 zip lines, but apparently they added two more on. Right before the seventeenth one there was a Tarzan Swing, where they attached you to a rope and pushed you off a platform. I’m not sure why I did it, knowing my fear of heights, but I did it nonetheless. The only two people to scream were myself and the old lady. My stomach flew up into my throat and I had to close my eyes for a few seconds when I was flying over the edge of a hill covered in trees.

DSC02794Then Chelsea and I walked across all of the suspension bridges in the Cloud Forest. :] They were pretty neat, but the zip lining was definitely much better.

Once we were done with that tour we were brought back to our hostel, grabbed a snack, and were picked up again to go on a night tour through the rain forest! It was a walking tour, where each person had a flashlight and we walked along trails. We chose to go with the group that was having the Spanish tour in order to practice our Spanish. :] It was really neat. We saw a sloth, a poisonous snake, some different bugs, and.. DSC03516TARANTULAS!

It was a really fun night! We ate dinner at 9:00 p.m. and went to bed right afterwards.

The next morning we ate breakfast, did some shopping, and hiked 15 minutes straight uphill to this really awesome tree: DSC03556I only made it that far up though, which is maybe ten feet off the ground. The other two climbed all the way to the top (60 feet?). After that we had to catch our bus back to Heredia. What a quick 36 hours!! And what a great last big adventure in Costa Rica. :]