I may have already used this photo in a post, but I haven’t any other photos to use for my ‘rant’.

You see, the university I am attending here is small and private, but the standards are very low, especially for exchange students. My professors really don’t expect much from me at all. When a professor doesn’t expect much from you, you don’t really bother working hard. You just don’t. I would love to be challenged and pushed, but I’m pretty sure they could care less about me, so why bother? At the beginning of the semester I put more effort into my homework, but now that I know they don’t even care, I’ve stopped caring myself. I have two exams next week and I’m hardly concerned (but of course I am a little bit, that’s just my nature!).

Another thing about these classes: the students seem to run the class. They aren’t at all respectful. They are constantly on their cell phones or computers, talking with each other while the prof is talking, leaving the class to get a snack, and get this – one girl even sat and cut all of her split ends during one lesson.

Being here has made me SO much more appreciative of NMU, and I’m really ecstatic about going back next semester. I’m excited to be going to a college that actually feels like a college as opposed to a high school with a bunch of students running around in cliques. And I’m ready for professors who will take me seriously, listen to me, and challenge me.

I have twenty credits next semester, and contrary to what you might think, I am super excited for it.