There are three parks in Heredia that I go by often. The one above is the main park of the city and is located right in the centro (center of downtown). El correo (the post office) is located right by this park. When we first arrived here back in September, there was a fountain empty of water, but currently there is a big tent over it and there is some sort of construction going on (which is the big white tent in the background above).

 In the middle of the park there is a pavilion that is constantly covered with pigeons. Actually, the entire park is constantly covered in pigeons, and the benches are usually filled with couples of all ages making out. Sometimes I think it’s a contest to see who can make the loudest kissing noises..

 The second park is my favorite park, el Parque Los Ángeles. There are usually less people at this one, and the traffic around it is less, which means it is a bit quieter there. I like to go there to read or write or people watch. A lot of parents take their children there to run around the statues or chase the pigeons. 

The third park I haven’t even walked through, actually. It’s located right by my host parents’ church. I haven’t got any photos of it right now, but I’ll add it to my list of things to do before I leave here: go sit in that park, people watch, and take some photos. :]