Something that has become a part of my every day life here is my umbrella, especially during the month of October, which is the rainiest month of the year. Everyone here has an umbrella. You never know when the rain is going to hit, so you better just keep it on you at all times. As soon as it begins to rain, the entire street will be a walking mass of different colors of umbrellas. Passing people on sidewalks is a game, so crowded are the sidewalks and streets. You have to decide who is going to lift their umbrella higher up and who gets to simply continue on walking.

My poor umbrella has been beaten up in the past nearly three months. When I got caught in a storm a few weeks back, my umbrella got hit hard and it’s currently quite broken. Even so, I’ve been using it still, for November is the month of transitioning, aka changing from rainy season to dry season, which means the rain is less often and therefore I saw no real reason to go out and buy a new umbrella. Too bad all of the tourist shops don’t carry umbrellas, then I would buy one that says “Costa Rica”or something of the sort..