Two days ago, four friends and myself took off early in the morning to get to Volcán Poás. It’s a bit of a bus ride. The morning started out a little cloudy and a little chilly, but we figured it would clear up as the day went on. However, it never did clear up, and in fact only got worse the closer to the volcano we got. It began raining and the clouds grew thicker.  When we got to the entrance to the park and stepped off the bus to buy our tickets, we all began to shiver.

We walked to all of the lookout points in the hopes of possibly seeing something, anything – but with no luck. Becca and I stood in front of the crater for a picture, but this is all you could see: 

We spent the remaining two hours in the coffe shop/museum attempting to warm up, but it didn’t really work. When I got home that evening, I fell ill and spent all of Sunday in bed sick as well. Becca took care of me, buying me ginger ale, soup, and medicine. Today I woke up feeling a good deal better. Hopefully by tomorrow I will finally be 100%. I’m tired of being sick; I get nothing done and I’ve watched more TV/movies in the past week than I have all year long until now I bet..