Today, my ISA group went into San José to visit el Museo de los Niños (Children’s Museum). Yes, a group of 19-23 year-olds went to the Children’s Museum to play. And y’know what? We had a great time!

The museum is in an old castle that actually used to be a prison. It is located on the outskirts of town, and the entire neighborhood is very sketch.

There was one place that had a pretend earthquake, and we all couldn’t stop laughing while we were on it. It was scarily like the earthquake we experienced our first week here in Costa Rica back in September, however.

There were all kinds of places where we could dress up, which was loads of fun. 

This place literally had everything – a section for the human body, a section for magnetism and electricity, a section for food, a section for transportation, a section for space, a section for animals, a history section, etc., etc. The list goes on and on. The place was huge, and also full of classes of little children. They gave us funny looks fairly often.

At the end of our stay, we were taken into an illusion house. Apparently walking around in it is how it feels to be drunk. I thought I was going to puke. The floors were all slanted, and everything was just.. crazy. It was fun – but also made me feel rather ill.

When we left after about two hours, this was the view that awaited us. The picture doesn’t even do it justice. The mountains were so incredibly clear and beautiful.

What a nice morning. :]