On Monday, we had a free day to just chill. Caitlin, Laura and I went over to the hostel where the other girls were staying and spent the day. This hostel was right on the water, but there wasn’t a beach; it was on the docks on the water. It was still really awesome though.

One of the highlights? Diving for starfish and holding them for photos! 

I spent a lot of time just treading water and floating in a tube.

Next door was a house that wasn’t in use, so all of the local kids jump off the second story of the dock and use the rope swing hanging there. We joined them, and the rope swing wasn’t scary to me at all. But jumping off the second story? That was a whole different story.

I’m afraid of heights, so even walking the stairs to the top was terrifying. Once I got to the top, I clung to the building and stayed away from the edge as much as possible. A little boy up there just laughed at me, because he’s been jumping off of that for years probably. He had no problem climbing over the unstable, shaky railing and plummeting into the water below. I, on the other hand, was nearly paralyzed by fear.

However, I finally managed to get myself to climb over the railing and jump off into the ocean below. If you could see my face in the following photo, you would see me screaming at the top of my lungs. 

After a long day spent in the water, Anna did my hair beautifully. :] 

That night, we had a cheap dinner – slice of cheese pizza and a rice&bean empanada. Laura and I went to bed early, although everyone else went out until really late.

On Tuesday we woke up, packed our stuff, and took the ferry back to the land where our bus awaited us for another long journey back to Costa Rica.

What a trip!