On our second day in Bocas, we woke up at 7:00 and got ready for the day, which included going to the grocery to buy a few things for lunch and breakfast. Then we met up with our entire group and hopped onto two of the tiny boats in the photo below.

We took these small boats out to Zapatillas Island, and it took a long while to get there. But on the way there, we got to see dolphins! 

It was so awesome! They were fairly near our boats, and there were a lot of them.

After a bit of dolphin-seeing, we made a quick stop at a restaurant on the water – literally, on the water. It was all on docks and not connected to land at all. Some people got drinks there, I used the bathroom, and then it was back on the boats to head to Zapatillas Island!

What an absolutely gorgeous place. I can say that, so far, this is for sure the most beautiful place I have been to so far in my life. The beach sand is white, the Caribbean is several shades of blue and green, the water is almost too warm and extremely clear, there are several different kinds of trees, everything is so green.. It was wonderful.

The first thing we all did was jump into the ocean and begin snorkeling. We got to swim all around coral and with fish, including barracudas. It was amazing.

Then Anna and I got washed onto shore like beached whales. 

After lying in the sun for a bit, we got up and walked around the island. We saw such beautiful sites. But after three hours of being there, we had to get back in the boats and head back to the restaurant on the water. From there, they took us out a couple hundred feet into the middle of the ocean and we got to snorkel again, this time in an area with much more beautiful coral and many more fish. The problem was, there were also many tiny jellyfish. They looked really cool, but the stings hurt. Therefore, I decided to get back out of the water after all of five minutes. :/

Once we were done snorkeling, we went back to the restaurant to wait for a bit before finally heading back to Bocas (the island with our hotels & hostels). All of us girls got ready for dinner and went out to a place called “Buena Vista” (“Good View”).  We all ordered different kinds of burgers, and we all had brownies for dessert. We were extremely loud and obnoxious, but we had such a great night. :]