(Photo credit to Anna’s camera.)

Mondays are the days we go to YWAM over in San Rafael. However, since currently I am in Panama, this is actually a photo from going to YWAM last Monday.

Anna and I were the only two that went this particular day, and it was raining all day long (nothing new this month). Because of the rain, we couldn’t really do anything outside. We asked what needed to be done inside, and we were told laundry – and defrosting the freezer.

The laundry was easy enough. All we had to do was fold certain towels certain ways, and put them in their proper places (hand towels, foot towels, kitchen towels, etc.).

However, when it came to defrosting the freezer, that is a different story. There was literally an entire block of ice on the top. In order to get hot water, we had to fill up small buckets in the washer nearby, as the faucets only have cold water. At first we were using washcloths to try and melt the ice, but after a bit Anna went and got some small cups to use. We made such a mess! Good thing the floor is concrete and it didn’t matter if it got wet.

The photo above was taken once Anna found the tube to an aquarium vacuum, and we used it as a funnel. Genius! 😛

Anna and I managed to have a great time doing something that a lot of people might consider tedious. It’s all about your attitude! Have a good one! :]