(I chose this photo of my yoga mat to demonstrate how relaxed it is here. The rushrushrush of the states isn’t present here in my life, and it’s really awesome.)

I have come to the conclusion that the reason I have always been one to run late is because God was preparing me for coming to Costa Rica. You see, here they go by something known as Tico time (local time), which basically means that it is normal to be fifteen or even thirty minutes late for a date, class, etc.

For instance, one of my professors is nearly always half an hour late for class, and although they also use the fifteen minute rule (if the prof doesn’t show up after 15 minutes, you can leave), all of the ticos wait for her to show up – which means that the rest of us gringos wait for her to show up as well. Even though she always shows up late, us gringos tend to show up five or ten minutes early; it’s just our nature.

Well, I guess not necessarily my nature, seeing as anyone who knows me well knows that I tend to run late nearly always. If I tell you I’ll be there at noon, most people will not expect me until at least 12:05 or later. It’s a bad habit I was never able to break, but I’ve found that here in CR, it’s not necessarily a bad habit to have. :]