Last Saturday (aka over a week ago now, not the most recent Saturday), almost all of us from my ISA group participated in the Global Make a Difference Day by going out to plant trees in a park in San Pedro. We had signed up originally to work only on Saturday and to work in Heredia, but since on Friday they did not finish in San Pedro, they took us there to finish the job. Except, we still did not finish the entire park for it was 1) a decent size; 2) the grass was knee-high and was being cut down by weed-whackers; 3) there were only about 15 of us in total.

So basically what we did for the six-ish hours we were there was: follow the guys weed-whacking and rake up the grass they left behind, then put the grass into garbage bags and bring the garbage bags to the curb; repeat. Because of how tall the grass was, each section had to be weed-whacked at least three times. 

There were also many, many bugs in this unkempt park, including large cucarachas (cockroaches), creepy-looking grasshoppers (kind of like cucarachas with grasshopper legs?), loads of crazy-looking spiders, slugs, and also snakes.

At one point we ran out of trash bags and had to sit around waiting for half an hour until more arrived. We probably filled up a good 40-50 black trash bags full of cut grass; it was crazy!

All in all it was a great day, albeit very warm and sunny, and we got a free t-shirt! :]