The past two Mondays I went again to YWAM with my friends. Two weeks ago, we got to work in the gardens, weeding. I also got to use a machete to cut down some tall grass to feed the goats with. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t hurt myself!

This past Monday when we were there, it rained the whole time, so we had to weed the garden in the green house. One thing about gardening is that we come across all kinds of crazy bugs, from really large grasshoppers to tiny ants that bite like mad. That would be why I always wear my gloves and boots!

ImageThere have been three puppies left the last two weeks we have been there. By this upcoming Monday, it is quite possible that they shall be sold. :[

Although they do not always have much work for us to do out at YWAM, they always welcome us, and they even feed us lunch! It’s really neat to have fellowship with them up there on the mountain. I would like to get more involved somehow, especially in working with the orphans, but we have yet to get that organized. :/ It bums me out though, because we really haven’t that much time left, and it’s going to go by so quickly..