This morning, eight of us woke up bright and early around 5:00 a.m. in order to meet at the bus stop for 6:15 (which was a 20 minute walk for Becca and I, and even longer for others). We got to the race in San Jose over an hour early, but that was better than being late or lost. We walked around searching for a place that wouldn’t make us pay to use the rest room, and we found a place – but it was pretty sketch. Even so, free is free, so we took advantage of it.

After that we ended up waiting behind the starting line for a good 30 minutes just about.  What I didn’t realize until we started running, was that we were in only one of several starting lanes. Once we started the race and turned a corner, this is what we saw:There were around 35,000 people walking or running in this race. It was crazy!! By the end of the race, I was very near the front though, somehow.

At first it was so congested it was more of a fast walk/slow jog, but eventually the people spread out enough for us to pick up the pace. It was a strange concept for me to just jog a race and not be competitive. However, going so slow at first meant I was able to take a few photos and some videos. Becca, Anna, and I went ahead of the others after a few minutes, but after a few more minutes of that, my competitive side took over and I took off running ahead of my friends, zig-zagging through literally thousands of people. It was so neat!

(I will mention here that I had my broken wrist watch in one hand keeping my time, and in my other I was holding onto my backpack that had  my camera and keys in it. Surprisingly, I wasn’t the only one running with a bag. However, most people had them on their backs. Unfortunately, my poor, ripping backpack would not allow that.)

We finished in the stadium, but to my dismay I didn’t get any photos in there. It’s HUGE and it was so cool to run a lap around the track in order to get to the finish line. I was extremely exhausted by this point though!

Once through the finish line, I grabbed something to drink and waited for my friends. Surprisingly, we all found each other quite easily. :]For almost an hour after we finished, we walked around checking out all of the booths and getting some free stuff. A band was set to play, but we had no idea what time and we were all so exhausted we ended up leaving to get back to Heredia to eat some lunch. I had a chicken wrap and some juice, and it tasted great!

After lunch, Becca, Anna, Chelsea and I went and got McFlurries. :]That mini M&M + caramel McFlurry was definitely worth the stomach ache I had afterwards. 😛

After a long day of bus riding, running a 5k, and walking 4+ miles around Heredia and San Jose.. I definitely took a nap.

This was one great day with some great people! 😀