This past weekend we finally got to go to Playa Tamarindo. We were supposed to go there the very first full weekend we had in CR, but we couldn’t on account of the earthquake. We got there just before the sun began setting, and after walking around for a while, we sat down the beach and saw a beautiful sunset. :]

That night at dinner we had dancers come in from a town over or so, and they did some traditional dances. It was pretty neat. I went to sleep soon after dinner though, I was so tired!

But I woke up at 5:00 a.m. on Saturday to make up for it, and went seashell hunting with Anna. Then we went for a run along the beach, and finally we had some breakfast. The rest of the morning until noon was spent on the beach and in the ocean. I learned to body surf! I also swallowed a lot of ocean water, and that hurt. At one point, the tide went in a lot, and a few of us got sucked out in the ocean a ways. I ended up treading water/swimming for about an hour..

But at 1:00 p.m. a bunch of us went on a Catamaran!It was about an hour until we got out to an island, where we anchored and were able to swim and snorkel. I jumped off the boat and Becca took an awesome photo. 😛I was a tiny bit frightened at first, but Becca got everyone (which meant complete strangers from all over) chanting my name, so I finally jumped in. For some reason, I was not expecting all of the salt.

After that we had some lunch on the boat, which was really good. And on our way back to shore, we saw some sea turtles. Mating.

Once we got back to the hotel at just about dark, everyone showered and got ready for a girls’ night. We went and got some pizzas, ice cream, and oreos, and ten of us hung out in a hotel room. It was nice.

Sunday morning I got up at 5:00 again and went to the beach. Becca came running with me. After breakfast, a handful of us had worship on the beach, and one girl had her guitar to play. :] Then we hung out on the beach for our last few hours. :]

My weekend was definitely the best one so far! Perfect weather, perfect beaches, perfect water, and some awesome friends. :]