(Photo thanks to Anna!)

Yesterday (Monday) Anna, Chelsea, Melvin and I went to San Rafael to a camp of sorts. It’s run by the ministry of YWAM, a ministry that has camps in many different countries. I am so thankful Anna got a hold of one of the leaders at YWAM and was able to get us an orientation there! I felt right at home at the place.

There is a two-story building that has dorms on the first floor and the kitchen/dining area on the second floor. There is another building that has two rooms, one for a classroom and the other for the office. Then there is also a small barn for the chickens and rabbits. The horse stable is farther back on the property, by the gardens. They grow fruits and vegetables there. Besides horses, chickens, and rabbits, they also have dogs (and puppies!) and goats.

The people of YWAM are very community-centered. They go on Mondays to a rehabilitation center in town for either talking or a Bible study. They also do a lot with the children at the orphanage in town. Along with that, they have many activities for the entire community throughout the year. This post is not doing the place justice at all.

We have decided to go back every Monday and go with to the rehabilitation center.  After that we can help prepare lunch for the students there, and then probably just help take care of the animals. Sometimes we might sit in on a class there, which are classes focused on teaching you how to effectively share your faith. We would like to set up something with the orphanage as well. They are always looking for people to help teach the children English.

I am SO excited that God brought us to YWAM and is opening doors for many opportunities for us while we are here. I can’t wait to see what He has planned for us! 😀