This past weekend, we took a trip to Dominical. It is a beach town, and our hotel was about a 15-minute walk from the Dominical beach. However, the picture above is not at Dominical. Rather, it is at Parque Nacional Marino Bellena, a place where the beach forms a whale’s tale. From the ground you couldn’t see that as well as in the air, but we were able to walk out onto the whale’s tale and it was really cool. And as you can see, the beach was absolutely gorgeous.

The hotel we stayed at was actually another resort. Each of our rooms had porches on the front that had a love seat, a chair, a high table, a sink, and a mini refrigerator. Inside our room were two beds and a large bathroom.

There was just one pool there and it was smaller than at Arenal last weekend, but it was refreshing when we got too warm.

All three meals were provided buffet-style – which was just great (except not really) because we stuffed ourselves every meal. Ay!

On Saturday morning I went with two of my friends to El Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio. We had a tour guide who walked us around and pointed out all kinds of animals we never would have noticed on our own, such as bats, poisonous grasshoppers, three different types of land crabs, an agouti, black iguanas, frogs, a raccoon, and probably more that I am forgetting. The tour guide carried around a really expensive telescope to zoom in on the animals far away in the trees. It was a great experience – and we saw four sloths!

This baby sloth was my favorite! :]

After the tour was over, the three of us hung out at the beach, which is the safest in the country. The water was very warm and not as salty as in Florida. It was also a pretty sea foam green. We were there for less than two hours before we had to head into town for our paid lunch and then our transportation back to the hotel. Back at the hotel, our tour guide pointed out the tucan to us that were just across the river from the hotel – que bonita!


On Sunday I checked out the beach in Dominical, but it was super rocky and the waves were very strong. I didn’t like it very much.

(On Friday on the first beach, the tour guides opened up fresh coconuts for us to try – and I liked them a lot!)