I didn’t update yesterday, but ah well. Today was a chill day. I got up early to finish my homework (because I am the best procrastinator ever), and then had breakfast with the family. After that, Becca and I took a walk to Wal*Mart for some groceries for this weekend and next week. I got an orange, a mandarin orange, an avocado,  a carrot, some white tea, and trail mix for the long bus ride tomorrow morning. For next week, I picked up some crackers, these awesome coffee cookies, more trail mix, and some black tea. I’ll have to go shopping for more fruits & veggies on Monday.

Becca and I went to the pool after that. I swam 1200 meters and felt pretty great. :]

Then I had to go home and get ready for class. Historia de Costa Rica. Class was nice and pretty easy. We got out early, which meant I was able to go check the office for any mail (it only gets brought to our uni every Thursday). It turns out Becca picked it up for me, so I had to go home to find out what I got.

I had three letters, one of which had Swedish Fish. 😀 I LOVE getting snail mail!

The rest of the night Becca and I goofed off and packed for this weekend.. it’s been good. :]

Now I have to get up at 5:00 a.m. to catch the bus at 6:00! Off to Dominical for the weekend. :]