Today has been a day of a lot of Spanish: a lot of reading of my Spanish history book, a lot of looking up new words in my Spanish-English dictionary, a lot of reading out loud to learn how to pronounce my Spanish better, and a lot of exhaustion because of it. Mentally, I’m feeling drained, and it’s only Monday. After a weekend of total relaxation, I came back last night and had to hit the books after dinner. Then today, I literally have had the past twelve hours for homework. I did take a break for a thirty-minute nap, and then another break later on to go for a walk and get some fresh air. And of course there was lunch and dinner in there somewhere. Okay, and I took some time to read my Bible as well. So it hasn’t all been Spanish, but it sure feels like it.

Today I uploaded some old(er) photos off of my camera and they make me miss home.


Look at this adorable kid! He wanted to be a ninja, I think..


And I miss this guy a LOT.


I miss these two puppies!

All right, now that I’m done with this update, I’m going to go work on my history homework again. Something that would take only an hour if it were in English is taking me five times as long because it is in Spanish. It’s crazy. I have so much more appreciation for exchange students everywhere now who are taking on classes in a different language than their first one.