This weekend, ISA took us to Los Lagos Hotel near the Arenal Volcano. It took us a good four hours by bus to get there. Naturally, I slept the majority of the ride there, thus missing all of the wonderful scenery.

Upon getting there, I saw just how vast of a place it really is. It goes up a mountain side, and instead of being one big building, there are many, many small buildings scattered about the property with rooms in them. The property is so big that they have vans that will come and pick you up to bring you from one place to the next. We didn’t use the vans all of the time, but a few times, especially when it was pouring, we called the reception desk to send a van up to us.

At this resort there are two cold pools with water slides, a warm pool with a water slide, and several small hot springs. It’s crazy! We spent a good amount of time in the pools over the weekend. It was a lot of fun! In particular, the longest water slide that also had a tunnel as part of it was the most fun, and of course I screamed while doing down that one – especially going down it at night!

Breakfast and dinner were provided at the hotel in an outdoor dining area. Both meals were buffet-style and the food was amazing.

Saturday morning, a small group of us hiked thirty minutes uphill along a trail. It was tough, but very worth it. I took many photos on that walk, and although when we got to the top we still could not see the entire volcano because of the clouds, the view of everything else was really amazing.

On Sunday morning we all took a bus to La Fortuna waterfall. However, because of the vast amount of rain recently, we were not allowed to swim in the falls. It was a bit of a bummer, but I still got some cool photos and it was a really neat experience. Except, there are 400-something stairs to get down to the bottom of the falls, which meant we had to walk back up those stairs to leave. My quads were screaming!

Staying the weekend in a rain forest next to a volcano was a really neat experience, but I am glad to be back in Heredia for the week.