Right now, all I really want is some chocolate. But currently, I am out of my Chikys. :[

All right, so today was my second class with the ticos. Historia de Costa Rica is the name of the class. My professor speaks a lot slower and annunciates, so he is much easier to understand. He also had a very detailed powerpoint, which helped a lot. The problem is the classroom. The acoustics are awful in it, thus making it hard to hear him. And because I couldn’t hear him, I got the impression that he thought I was really stupid because I needed him to repeat his questions to me. I was only sitting in the third row, and the room is very small, but I guess next time I’ll sit in the very front row and see if that helps at all.

So far, I like this class better than my other history class. We have to give presentations in pairs, but I actually have a group of three; one tica, student from Texas, and myself. I’m curious as to how it will go. we have one month until we have to give our presentation, and it has to be 50 minutes long! I guess I better start doing a lot of research..