I would like to dedicate this post to my new favorite fruit: Papaya.

I don’t know why I like it so much; it has a really strange taste. But for some odd reason, I could eat it for every single meal. And papaya juice! We have freshly made papaya juice at least every other day for dinner here. I’m going to miss it when I leave, for sure.

As for procrastination.. Today was an extremely lazy day. There isn’t any homework that I must have done for tomorrow, and therefore I haven’t done a thing all day. I had class from 8:00-10:00, and I swam 1 kilometer at the pool with Becca, but those were the two most productive things I have done the entire day.

It’s only 8:20 p.m. here, but I think I shall go to bed by 9 o’clock and just get up early. This is probably the laziest day I have had since I got here! Ah well.