This is my current University. It’s a small place, much smaller than NMU. I like that, though.

Last week we had only our Advanced Spanish class with other students from the U.S. This week, we began classes with the ticos (locals).

Today was my first class with the ticos: Historia de Centroamérica. I was a little bit nervous, but not as bad as I thought I would be. Four of my friends are also in that class, which made it easier. Then four other students from the U.S. in a different program are in that class as well. Our professor was quite surprised to have nine exchange students there; we take up almost half of the entire class.

Our professor speaks extremely fast and all of her words are slurred together. Imagine having a difficult enough time understanding well annunciated Spanish, then being expected to understand my professor. Ay! After she found out that nine of us are non-native speakers, however, she slowed down a tiny bit. It almost helped.

At the end of class we had to form groups of four or five for a project that we have to do. Becca and I joined two ticos and one tica to form a group of five. One of the ticos speaks English fairly well, and helped us understand better what was going on. I’m grateful these ticos are being so nice to us!

This class is going to be extremely challenging, but I know that over the weeks it will get easier. I also know that it is going to be very good for my Spanish. Therefore, I am excited for it. :]