Today, some friends and I went on what we thought would be an easy trip to a water park after our morning Spanish class. We took the bust to Belén, but we had no idea what stop we were supposed to get off at. We asked the bus driver, and he told us, but when we got off of the bus we could not see Ojo de Agua anywhere. We asked someone on the street, and they informed us that we were still quite a ways away, and would have to take either another bus or a taxi.


A nice lady who had overheard our dilemma directed us to the bus stop we needed to be at, and we stood there waiting for half an hour at least before our bus finally arrived. By that point we had been traveling for at least an hour, and we were all overly warm, thirsty, hungry, and tired. For some reason, it had been a long morning so far.

However, the next bus took us directly to Ojo de Agua, and unlike what our host parents had told us, the park was not crowded at all. Unfortunately, it was not everything that had been described to me. Sure, there were the tennis courts, the pools, the soccer field, etc. The problem was, it was what I would consider rather dirty, and unkempt. Everything looked old, and the changing rooms were disgusting.

Even so, we had traveled all that way to get there, and we were far too warm, so into our bathing suits we changed, and into the pool we jumped. It was cool and refreshing, and it was nice to relax for a bit. We didn’t stay long however, as soon it began to thunder and we weren’t particularly fond of getting caught in a storm.

Although we had to wait about twenty minutes for our bus to come, the bus ride back was only half as long as the bus ride there, we missed the rain entirely, and was I ever glad to see Heredia once we reached it! Finally back home, I chugged an entire litre of cold water, had a snack, and took a nap.

I’ve no idea why the day felt so long and exhausting, I guess because I slept so little last night and I was so hungry all day, but it was still a good experience nonetheless.