This afternoon, my roommate Becca and I were picked up by a friend of her father. The name of the friend is Roxana. Roxana took us up into the mountains that, so far, we have only seen from a distance. There was much fog there, and for anyone who knows me fairly well, they know I really, really like fog. Therefore, it was a really great drive, despite the steep, winding roads.

The higher up we got, the foggier it got. Eventually we ended up at the restaurant of a friend of Roxana. The hotel is called Las Ardillas, and if you ever go to Costa Rica you should go there. It is also a hotel and spa. It is made in a log cabin sort of style, and with lots of windows. It is way prettier than I could ever describe – and I only saw it through lots of fog and rain.

The food was very good and very rich. We had plátanos maduros (cooked bananas, basically) with black beans on top (it actually tastes really good!) and also quesadilla con queso for appetizers.

For dinner I chose a dish with chicken (pollo). The owner of the restaurant ordered the rest for me – and it ended up being a LOT of food. Chicken, rice, beans, salad, quesadilla, and an overly ripe banana. I only managed half the chicken, all of the rice and beans, and half the banana. I felt bad, but I was SO full.

Roxana is a teacher of English and Spanish, so she was very good at teaching Becca and I more vocabulary and how to remember words better. I am excited to see Roxana again and learn more!

Overall, it was a very good afternoon. :]