In downtown Heredia is the Central Market. It is an ugly building, but has many small vendors inside of it – vendors of fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, meats, nuts, cheeses, little trinkets, sweets, and much more.

On our third day in Heredia, our ISA directors took us on a small tour of the town, and this was one place they took us. At first, I thought it was really neat. The fruit smelled pretty great. The directors bought us two new fruits to try: Mamon Chino and something else that I didn’t like at all, which is probably why the name didn’t stick with me.

Then they took us down the center aisle of the market to get a made-fresh right there quesadilla de queso (which are nothing like what you are probably thinking). Was the quesadilla good? Very. But the smell in that aisle was terrible. The meat sitting out in that heat left an odor horrid enough for me to gag and lose all appetite for my wonderful quesadilla de queso.

I will go back to the Central Market to buy fruits and vegetables, and probably another quesadilla.. But I won’t stay there long, for that wretched smell of putrefying meat.