Okay, so here is my “First Day of School” photo that I was asked to take. Except, it was actually the second day. And, the lighting in my room is not that great for photos. Also, it’s a dorky mirror shot. :/ But there it is anyway. My typical attire here in Heredia: jeans, tank top, and plain t-shirt.

This week we only have our Advanced Spanish class with the other ISA students, Monday-Wednesday, 8:00-10:00 a.m. Next week begins our other classes with the ticos (locals). I am very excited for that. :]

My Spanish class is small – only eight of us students, seven chicas and one chico – and we have an awesome professor. She is really funny and very patient with us. We have to keep a diario (diary) of our stay here, of course in Spanish only. The trick is, we can only write half a notebook page a day – ¡que horrible! The majority of us wrote at least a page yesterday.. so tonight I must make it much shorter. :/

I guess I’m still working on the best format/style for this blog.. I hope I find the one I like soon. But it’s hard to improve in my English when also I am trying so hard to improve in my Spanish!