So the money here is called colones.

500 colones = $1.00

It is something a little difficult for me to grasp yet, that 1000 colones is actually $2.00, not just one.

For example, at a smoothie shop today I was going to get a smoothie that cost 2000 colones, which in my mind I translated to be $2. My friend then reminded me that it was actually $4, not two, and we then wandered on to find a cheaper smoothie shop.

Most things here are fairly cheap – unless you are in the shopping mall. Everything there is more expensive; that’s how it goes. Go to the smaller shops around town, and things are always cheaper.

Something inexpensive is the bus fare. It is less than a dollar – 450 colones – to ride the bus around town. So that is a pretty good deal when you plan on being on the bus for a good amount of time. :]

I think from now on I shall try to make a post before dinner, for any time after dinner I am completely zonked. (Do keep in mind that it is only just turning 9 p.m. here, and back in the U.S. I used to stay up well past midnight..) I think that I could write better before dinner, so I’ll give that a try tomorrow.

Hasta luego!