I meant to write on here before I departed, but time quite ran away from me. So here I am, sitting in what is my bedroom for the rest of this semester.

It still hasn’t completely sunk in that I will be here, en mi nueva casa, for the next 15 weeks. Maybe it won’t ever sink in. All the events that have happened beginning yesterday morning before I left for Chicago feel dreamlike. Yes, it is still very strange to me that I am actually here, after all these years of planning on doing this.

I have no idea how this semester abroad is going to turn out for me. I can tell you right now that I have already experienced much culture shock. I have a parrot living with me that is honestly pretty scary; maybe once I understand the Spanish it is speaking, however, I will be less afraid. The food is (so far) what I expected. Mi mamá is really kind and patient with me, seeing as my Spanish is very poor at the moment. Mi nueva casa is a little of what I expected, but also much nicer.

I will write better updates as time goes by, but for now – Hola from Costa Rica! :]